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Walking: The Heavier You Are the Faster You Lose Weight

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Did you know that the heavier you are, the faster it is for you to lose weight when you start an exercise program? All you have to do is start moving! You're probably asking yourself, "Yes, I know that, but I do not like to exercise!" If that sounds like you, then start walking! You already walk around your home, to and from your car, around school and/or work. In order to lose weight, just add more walking to your daily routine.

Don't like to exercise? Walk your way to a healthier you!

Combined with healthy eating habits, walking is the easiest and safest method of exercise that can help you shed several pounds a week if done regularly. Don't think of it as exercise. Think of it as moving-your-body. If you have been putting off exercise and have gained weight due to inactivity, try to substitute regular, daily activities such as driving to and from school or work with walking instead. The number of days you walk together with the pace, determines how many calories you burn which determines the number of pounds you shed.

As with any health program, consult with your doctor first to get his or her approval to start shedding those pounds! Once that is taken care of and out of the way, be creative and think about how you can add more walking to your day. Choose to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Walk your kids to school. If school is too far, then take your car but choose a parking space far from the school entrance. Do the same with other activities -- park your car far from the front of the grocery store, doctor's office, mall entrance, etc. so that you have to walk instead. When you walk, be conscience of the pace and walk a little quicker every time.

If you have a medium-to-large dog that you walk daily, spend the first half of the walk in the normal pace until s/he goes potty. Once they're done, pick up the speed and walk faster. With smaller dogs, once s/he goes potty, drop them off at home and continue on your walk. To begin, pick up the speed for 1-2 blocks and lower the pace for another 1-2 blocks then resume the faster pace. As the days go by and you feel up to it, add more blocks to your brisk walk and lessen the number of blocks at the slower pace.

Make it a point to change it up on your days off from work to walk or drive to a nearby park and start walking. Depending on the size of the park and the terrain, make it a point to walk briskly up a hill a few times and take breaks in between. You can change it up as you wish according to how you feel. Never overdo it.

As you progress, try going on a picturesque hike with your significant other, a friend or a family member. Take a comfortable backpack with a healthy lunch and snacks and make it a fun day. Take pictures and enjoy! See the activity as an opportunity to make memories with your loved one(s). Before you know it, you will feel and see the difference as you shed those pounds. By then, it will have become a healthy habit and lifestyle. :)

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